Google DocsVoice-typing feature in Google Docs

Your own personal dictationist!

Ok, so everyone is familiar with that one really tiring day where it’s already evening but you still have work to do. What’s more, the coffee maker is suddenly broken, you are really tired and don’t want to look at the computer screen for another minute if it was up to you. But it isn’t up to you as you can’t leave office without writing that draft of the product description you promised your manager. Don’t you just wish that you could just sit and relax while the words appear on their own on the screen?

Well, luckily for you we have just the trick which helps you do just that. And much more!

Here are top 5 things you could do with Google Docs’ Voice typing:

1. Dictate and the words will appear: Yep. You just read that right. You just have to say the word and Docs will make sure they are typed in the document. Just activate voice typing.

2. Can type in multiple languages–  If you have to create a document in your native language, you can set the voice typing to your preferred language.  There are more than 50 language options to choose from!

Hindi,Marathi,Gujrati,Tamil, Etc

3. Ideal for transcribing easily– Are you bored when you have to transcribe a long video? Just turn on the speakers and let the docs do it for you. Later, you can easily edit the document and finish the task quickly!

4. Both in both Mobile devices and PC– Not only can you use this voice type feature on your PC but you can use it on the go on any device like mobile, tabs, etc.

5. Punctuation- If you are worried about the punctuation problems, fear no more! The most important ones like period, paragraph change, exclamations etc are incorporated in the voice typing feature.

Voice Typing is one of the many benefits of G Suite productivity apps. To know more about how to get your work done quicker using G Suite get in touch with us!