Google CalendarGoogle Calendar increases productivity!

5 must-know features of Google Calendar!

Well, what if we told you that there was a better way to arrange that meeting or event without having to beg, borrow or steal?

Well, you can do just that by using Google Calendar! Here are two awesome features of Google Calendar which help you to set up a meeting with just a few clicks:

Share calendars: You can share calendars with your team so that you know their schedules and can share yours easily with them.


Find time feature: No more hustling after the time zones or looking slots when you and your colleagues are available for that meeting, just use find time feature which does it for you.

Share Resources: Calendar allows a team to set up a meeting, know where the other team members are but it can be also used for using the resources of the company. You can create buildings, features, and resources. There are options to manage, share and add calendar resources to an event. Some resources like:

  • Room capacity
  • Business Location
  • Audio or video equipment
  • other features available in the meeting room, such as wheelchair access or a whiteboard
  • Sort Additional information provided by your admin

You can choose the resources which match your need. You can choose to be notified when an occupied resource is available next.

Notifications and Reminders: In case there are any changes in the meeting you can set up notifications and reminders for when you have appointments with others.

Attachments, video conferencing and recurring events You can attach files like Google Slides, important documents, etc which will be used in the meeting etc You can use the video call feature of Meet to set up meetings with remote employees etc. The events can be set up as recurring by daily, weekly, monthly etc

With these amazing features using Calendar makes maintaining one’s schedule like taking a walk in the park. To know more about how you can make the best of your time get in touch with us!