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Customized Business Application

We leverage our knowledge of custom creating apps on G Suite and Google Cloud platform to create solutions to various business process problems. These applications help organizations to focus on their core business without having to deal with the complications of harnessing technology. Our specialty lies in understanding and figuring out the needs of the customer and tailoring the solutions. Our aim is to make the companies realize the full potential of G Suite to help them work together improving the dexterity and efficiency of your business.

We Build Powerful Apps for Your Business

✓ Enhance business operations

✓ Reduced costs

✓ Minimize errors 24/7

✓ Support and training

Our Case Studies

A real estate firm used to frequently fetch data from some websites and send newsletters to its clients based on the data. Depending on the data, the content of the email would change. read more..
A stock broker wanted to set customized stock alerts for him and his partners in his brokerage. This customized alerts were to depend on not just the stock price but several other variable like correlation and implied volatility…read more
An HR Firm was facing a problem wherein every week the firm received some emails from various sources containing important data which had to be included in reports of that week….read more