Control & Access

Control access to applications with G Suite

Businesses need to control access to business applications efficiently for high productivity and low risks. When a new employee joins or an older employee is leaving, company grants or revokes access to its resources. This process of providing access to employees is often a complicated one involving a lot of factors, likedesignations, roles, trust factors etc.

G Suite allows you to effectively set up access for your employees to cloud applications. You can decide which user has access to which particular application resources.

For instance, your company can choose to allow access to users on your domain to applications which their department uses. Or, when a user in the finance department logs on to the company database they get access to all the applications related to finance. This allows users to get access to all programs after signing in just once and removes the headache of providing access to each application individually.

Similarly, an organization can define higher access levels of senior management and restricted access for other employees. Many companies have ensured the confidentiality and security of their business using this feature.

As more and more applications are cloud-based and companies are moving to the cloud it is imperative to manage access smartly. This saves a lot of time, decreases the risk of data mismanagement and increases productivity. Super Simple Cloud has helped many corporations use the SAML feature on G Suite to develop a robust administration system for managing access to company resources.

If you have any administrative control requirements go ahead and drop us a line with your problem to find out how we can help you.