Bulk Mailing app to reach your audience’s primary inbox

 Simple UI with real-time tracking.

 Assured Landing in the inbox.

 99.99% deliverability.

Super Simple Mailer Features

Land in Inbox

This application is specially designed to deliver emails in the inbox only and not in ‘Promotions’ nor ‘Social’ nor ‘Spam’.

Real-Time tracking

Detailed tracking of which recipient opens the email, when and after how much time.

Personalize every Email

Personalize variables like name, order-number, greetings, etc. each and every email you send in bulk easily even when you send in bulk.

Extended Automation

We can develop automation for you where emails are sent on particular events like customer filling a lead form, timed reminder,etc

Full-Service Campaign Management

Prepare, manage and maintain your email list, review your campaigns, create follow-ups of specific emailing events, as well as you can share the sheet with your other team members.

Use any email from inbox as a template

Any email from your inbox or from saved ones can be used as a template for your bulk mailing campaign. so you have full access to customize template of mail you send.

24/7 Support

In case of any issues or problems, our team is always available on call to help you out.

Customize this application

If you wish to have this software specially designed for you with some other additions or automation, we are here to do it.

Simple UI

Easy to use dashboard developed by keeping simplicity in mind, It will take you 5 mins to become a pro in this software.

Super Simple Mailer Pricing

Standard Plan

  • Send unlimited mails*
  • Use Google Docs to build templates
  • Land in Primary Inbox
  • Dynamic Variables
  • Priority Support

Premium Plan

  • Send unlimited mails*
  • Use Google Docs to build templates
  • Land in Primary Inbox
  • Dynamic Variables
  • Priority Support
  • Track Opens
  • Use any email as your template
  • Campaign Management

Subject to your Google quota

More than 1 lakh mails Sent
Assured Mail Delivery
Our highly trained engineers are here to answer and solve all your problems


Why do mail sent from your software land only in the inbox?

We don’t use shared servers like other bulk mailing apps rather our app is built on Google platform and your mails shall be sent from Google/ G-Suite domain thereby helping land directly land in the inbox by making each mail appear as individual one.

Would there be any promotional signature in emails I send via your app?

We do not add our promotional stuff anywhere in our apps. So relax and just send your mail will appear as personal email.

What do you mean by "any mail as a template"?

Any email you design or receive can be used as a template for your bulk emails. So if you find an email you think looks really good, you can simply just use it.

Can you personalize and automate this app for my work?

Yes we do customize and automate this as per requirements from your end so that you can simply focus on important tasks and not invest time in redundant works.

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